imagem de um computador portátil com a marca de StackSpot e símbolos de linguagens de tecnologia voando ao redor da tela gerando uma ideia de integração.

Boost Your Team's Efficiency: Book a Demo Today

Boost Your Team's Efficiency: Book a Demo Today

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Accelerate your development cycle

Accelerate your development cycle by up to


What StackSpot can do for your team?

With a development platform like StackSpot, you can maximize your team's efficiency. Empower developers to focus on high-impact work, ensure quality and security, and foster inner source collaboration.

What tech leaders say about StackSpot

"Our integration, functional and systems test automation coverage was very low and we needed to boost that. How did we do it? Using StackSpot as a 'starter' for projects, that is, through templates."

Marco Antônio Cunha

QA Engineer at iti

"We are able to impute some security and observability standards and quickly get out of the initial configuration process and implement business features.

What used to take weeks now takes a matter of minutes."

Rigel Aguilar

Solution Architect at Localiza

How does StackSpot work?

StackSpot works by distributing patterns in contextual environments. This ensures that every application is born developed with the ideal architecture and infrastructure choices tailored to each team. Say goodbye to manual setup and embrace effortless optimization for your projects with StackSpot.

More autonomy, less frustration

Studios are pattern-making spaces that provide an easy way to distribute content packaged and organized around themes such as programming languages, technology disciplines, or even team topology.

Use Workspace to easily organize teams, technologies, and work environments.

Get developers on your team fast and see their code in production on the very same day.

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Go from idea to deployment with less cognitive load.

Say goodbye to starting from scratch and unlock your full potential with the StackSpot Runtime Engine

Standardization, autonomy with control, and deployment speed all in one place.

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