/code tailored to your reality with context-aware StackSpot AI

Tailor your development experience, using your stacks and code generated from your own or your company's knowledge sources.

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/with StackSpot AI your DevEx will never be the same

/code suggestions

/code completion

/code smells

/code refactoring

/code testing

/code readability

/code accessibility

/code documentation

/stack AI: determine how you like to code

Embrace a fusion of declarative technologies that amplify LLM's contextual understanding, culminating in superior code generation. Empower your coding endeavors with Stack AI - where innovation converges with the epitome of code excellence, even enabling cowokers to collaborate on a more similar way of coding.

/knowledge sources: integrate with context to make the AI code like you

Take your AI Experience to the next by leveraging vectorized databases with APIs, Event Schemas, Custom Objects and Code Snippets. Transform your project into a knowledge and innovation powerhouse, so everytime you start working on something new, you don't need to start from scratch.

/quick commands: setup your recurrent tasks for the AI

Craft your own set of pre-defined prompts and seamlessly execute 'StackSpot Actions' every time you deploy a Quick Command. With predefined commands that dispatch prompts to the LLM and reuse whatever task and code you've createde previously.

/code generation and assistance: let the AI make you more productive

Using AI models and tools, we can automatically generate code snippets, make sophisticated code suggestions, and complete common coding tasks.

This dramatically reduces the amount of time you spend on manual coding and exponentially increases the quality of your code.

/soon available in multiple IDEs

/ready for a smarter coding experience?

/increase productivity

StackSpot AI is your productivity powerhouse! Bypass tedious tasks and speed up to build what values the most, even with unfamiliar APIs or languages.

/adaptative learning

StackSpot learns from your Knowledge Sources such as codebase, repos, APIs and Event Schemas adapting to the best practices you are following.

/easy contextual input

Using natural language and a few configurations you give all the context our CodeBuddy needs to deliver codes closer to commit.

/code confidence & compliance

Your code, your rules. StackSpot AI respects your intent, avoids copyleft exposure, and ensures your code remains private and secure.

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